Announcing Several Exciting Changes in Senior Management

Chicago, IL – June 2015 – We are excited to announce several changes in senior management.


Kevin Fitzpatrick, PE – Great Lakes Regional Manager

Kevin Fitzpatrick has served as the Illinois Division Manager since 2009, and in most recent years has fulfilled a dual role as the Great Lakes Regional Manager, as well. Going forward, he will be able to solely focus on the management and growth of Benesch’s Great Lakes Region.


Elizabeth Gallagher, PE – Illinois Division Manager

Elizabeth Gallagher brings more than 20 years of industry experience to this position, with a track record for delivering project work for agencies such as the Chicago Transit Authority, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Illinois Department of Transportation, Chicago Department of Transportation and Metra. Since joining Benesch in 2014, Elizabeth has led efforts to build Benesch’s transit practice.


Chuck Bartlett, PE – Kansas Division Manager

Chuck Bartlett came to Benesch in 2008 and has been instrumental in the success of the Division. He has helped build Benesch’s civil practice in Kansas, through the successful management of projects such as the K18/K113 Interchange Study and the K-177 Modernization.


Hossam Abdou, Phd, PE, SE – Chief Structural Engineer

Hossam Abdou has spent the majority of his 25 year career at Benesch designing bridges and other award-winning structures. In his new role as Chief Structural Engineer, he will serve as an expert advisor on complex structural issues across the company. Hossam’s expertise includes pre-stressed concrete, steel, post-tensioned concrete, tied arches, cable-supported structures and seismic bridge analysis. He also specializes in designing and analyzing bridge type options to optimize safety and value.