Construction Engineering and Inspection Services

Our construction group includes licensed engineers, inspectors, project schedulers, program managers and documentation personnel who have overseen thousands of successful construction projects. From highways and bridges to buildings and municipal facilities, our staff has the technical and managerial experience to handle any project type. Our accomplishments in schedule and cost management have been widely recognized, and contractors often turn to Benesch to assist with these critical project components.


Schedule Management
Reviewing, monitoring and reporting on the project schedule is critical to effective project management. At Benesch, we use scheduling as a tool to communicate the project plan and keep all parties informed. Developing a realistic project schedule and implementing procedures to maintain that schedule enables us to deliver projects successfully.

Program Management

Clients who need assistance developing and managing large work programs rely on Benesch to help them through the process. From large, multi-faceted contracts to small streetscape programs, we have the know-how to ensure your entire program will be managed effectively. We can help you make strategic planning decisions, as well as contribute to the management of multiple, concurrent projects.