Contractor Services

Active collaboration between the designer and contractor results in an integrated project approach that positively impacts the construction process. At Benesch, we understand contractors' needs and the industry demands placed on them. With this knowledge, we are able to offer services geared specifically toward contractors of all types. From design-build projects to calculating earthwork and pavement quantities, Benesch is capable of adding values in many areas.


Our talented staff is extremely diverse and is capable of contributing to or managing construction projects of all types. Bridges, buildings, highway, rail…Benesch has a team of experts in each project discipline. Also, our accomplishments in schedule and cost management have been widely recognized, and we are often asked by contractors to assist with these very important project components.


Our areas of expertise include:

-  Construction Observation

-  Design-Build

-  Shoring Tower Design

-  Schedule Management

-  Earthwork Quantities

-  Temporary Earth Retention Systems

-  Cost Management

-  Pavement Quantities

-  Demolition Plans          

-  Structural Engineering

-  Value Engineering