Freight Rail

Service to rail clients has been a significant portion of our practice for more than 60 years, having served Class I, short line, regional and passenger rail lines as well as rail-related government agencies. We have designed many miles of track, complex grade separations and acres of rail yard facilities; performed high-speed rail studies; and overseen the construction of trackwork and bridges.


Our rail portfolio covers it all, and our dedicated rail experts are ready when you need them. Our rail clients receive emergency rail contact information for our engineers, including home and cell phone numbers, to ensure we can be reached to solve any rail emergency.


At Benesch, we also make it a priority to contribute to the advancement of the rail industry at large, which we do through our participation in professional rail organizations. Currently, Benesch engineers are actively involved in the American Rail Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association, specifically on committees 5, 8, 9 and 15. This work ensures our staff is at the forefront of rail initiatives and modifications to federal design standards.


Our areas of expertise include:

-       Track and Bridge Design

-       Sidings

-       Inspection and Bridge Rating Services

-       New Start and High-Speed Rail Studies

-       Topographic and Property Surveys

-       Facility and Station Design

-       Rail Yard Planning and Design

-       Construction Management