Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture applies technical knowledge with creative skills in the planned arrangement of natural and manmade elements to create outdoor environments for public enjoyment. The most obvious examples of Landscape Architecture are parks, greenways, campuses, and civic spaces, but landscape architecture has a place in almost all built environments.


At Benesch, Landscape Architecture is integrated into most every project we design. Our team of engineers and landscape architects work closely together to ensure that our projects are designed from a human perspective. We work with our clients to create places that achieve environmental, social and aesthetically pleasing outcomes; places people enjoy.


Our designs are not simply beautiful; they are functional as well. We approach site design from a client’s perspective. Our goal is to create places that are easily maintained and operated and provide long term value. We understand the cost of developing and maintaining beautiful landscapes, and we work to ensure our client’s construction and operational dollars are spent wisely.


Our areas of expertise include:


Site Feasibility Studies

Existing conditions assessments

Site ADA Assessments

Campus Planning

Park Design

Landscape Plans

Irrigation Plans

Signage Studies