Local Government

Local Government

Municipalities, counties and local agencies often have specific needs related to scheduling, funding and design. Our engineers have served hundreds of local agencies and understand how to develop solutions that best address these common concerns. Whether you require the resources of a dedicated, full-service municipal engineering team or services for a single project, Benesch has the range of municipal experience to address any need.


Our staff approaches every project as your partner. We are cognizant of our duties and dedicated to helping you make the most of your dollars. We continually deliver creative solutions, even when facing challenging financial constraints, and have a proven track record of successful funding pursuits. Our team of engineers knows how to maximize funding and provide design solutions that are best suited for your immediate and long-term needs.


Our areas of expertise include:

-        Streetscape and Lighting Design

-        Intersection Design Studies

-        Transportation

-        Recreational Planning

-        Water Resources

-        Wastewater

-        Traffic Signal Design

-        Structural Engineering

-        Resident Engineering

-        Surveying

-        Rail Consulting

-        Grants and Funding Assistance

-        Geotechnical Engineering

-        Multi-use Trails