Benesch engineers develop smart concepts for a range of project types. We have planned acres of commercial land, determined optimal bridge types, proposed alternatives for facility projects and assessed the environmental needs of new highway corridors.

We are known for creating innovative planning solutions that balance the needs of all involved stakeholders. Our team uses tools such as Value Planning, Life Cycle Cost Analyses and our own Total Quality Engineering® process to define the objectives of each project and create alternatives that provide value. 

Planning the Projects That Take You Places – Transportation Planning

Our full-service transportation planning team at Benesch can address environmental assessments, interchange feasibility studies, traffic impact assessments, as well as preliminary design plans. We have been through the federal approval process countless times and understand how to manage the submittals so we can be as proactive as possible, saving you time and money.


As a part of our preliminary team, our Public Involvement group at Benesch is trained in Context Sensitive Solutions. From project websites and direct mail campaigns to hosting public meetings, we know how to effectively communicate with the local community to keep them informed. We use advanced visualization to further explain what the project and the affected areas will look like, which helps local users to better understand projects and encourages project acceptance.