39th Avenue Roundabout

Pleasant Prairie, WI

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) sought to revamp 39th Avenue in the Village of Pleasant Prairie, a local corridor that needed significant improvements in pedestrian safety as well as a welcoming access point for the community’s future downtown area. Benesch led the construction management services for this innovative Local Programs project which included: a new roundabout connecting 39th Avenue and Springbrook Road; a 10′-wide multi-use path; five-foot wide bike lanes; eight-foot wide parking lanes; and more. Key challenges of the project involved complex staging to allow emergency vehicle access, extensive utility and stakeholder coordination, as well as complex paving and environmental considerations. To accommodate ongoing access for emergency vehicles, sidewalk completion was pushed until the end of the project so those areas could be used as side roads for EMS and fire vehicles. Irregular shapes and variable widths within the roundabout and on connecting roadways made paving a challenge. The project resolved this issue by using a laser screed machine that saved time, money and effort. In fact, this is one of the first WisDOT projects to use this innovative technique. Significant utility conflicts and potential schedule delays were resolved through extensive coordination on relocations with the utilities and WisDOT. Benesch maintained consistent communication throughout the project to minimize impacts to stakeholders, as well as an adjacent construction project in the Village. Environmental challenges, including protection of a local stream, were minimized by constructing a rock check dam to prevent impacts from excavation. The roundabout provides sidewalks/multi-use path that ties into the existing sidewalk south of the project at STH 165, where WisDOT previously constructed a roundabout intersection. The walk was finished with decorative “picture frame” finishing by change order due to the Village’s desire for more aesthetics in what they believe will be their future downtown area. Through proactive management of the contractor and schedule and use of innovative construction techniques, this project was completed on schedule and under budget. The overall project provides much-needed connectivity in the community and serves as a safe, sustainable and welcoming gateway to the Village of Pleasant Prairie’s future downtown district.

Project highlights

  • New roundabout
  • 10′-foot-wide multi-use path
  • New bike lanes, parking lanes
  • Complex staging; stakeholder coordination
  • Innovative use of laser screed technology
  • Sidewalk aesthetic treatment