Alter Scrap Processing

Alter Scrap Processing – Industrial Rail Relocation

Lincoln, NE

Alter Metal Recycling has been serving Lincoln since 1999. Their facility was relocated in July 2012, making way for the new Pinnacle Bank Arena and West Haymarket redevelopment projects. The facility depends on rail to export salvaged metal materials. Salvaged metals are brought in over the road by various customers, then processed and shipped out by rail.

The existing rail line needed to be rehabilitated. The rail replacement, new turnouts, a rehabilitated bridge structure and track underdrains were all design elements included in this project. Benesch also facilitated the bidding process, contractor selection and construction oversight. This site is served by BNSF Railway and plans were reviewed and approved by BNSF.

Project highlights

  • BNSF Coordination
  • Designed rail replacement, new turnouts, rehabilitated bridge structure and track underdrains