Wayne State University

Anthony Wayne Drive

Detroit, MI

Anthony Wayne Drive was a tired road in need of enhancements to many elements at the intersection at Wayne State University (WSU). This fast-track project required an aggressive schedule and design consultant to develop efficient solutions to enhance the intersection. Benesch took on this complex task, providing roadway improvement design services for Anthony Wayne Drive between Kirby Avenue and Warren Avenue in the City of Detroit, MI. It has eight lanes of roadway with two multi-purpose lanes. This project was funded by Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and had a very aggressive schedule during both the design and construction phases. In addition to geometric road changes, the project included street lighting, traffic signal and duct bank design. Street lighting was changed from a single cobra head fixture to double headed decorative fixtures and photometrics were performed to verify number and spacing of the light fixtures. In addition, a new duct bank system was designed to interface with the existing duct bank system at both ends of the construction limits. The project dramatically enhances the campus and traffic conditions surrounding WSU and was well-received by the travelling public.

Project highlights

  • Accelerated design and construction schedules
  • Decorative lighting
  • Traffic signal and duct bank design