Norfolk Southern Railway

Calumet Intermodal Facility

Chicago, IL

Seeking to better serve their customers, the Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) decided to reconstruct and significantly increase capacity at their Calumet Intermodal Facility in Chicago, IL. Benesch was retained to prepare plans, specifications and construction documents.

The Calumet Intermodal Facility required extensive coordination in order to allow existing operations to continue during construction. These areas included adequate gate inspection lanes, parking spots and roadways for facility operations, as well as ample track spots to allow for continuing train operations during construction.

Among the services provided, Benesch performed field survey to develop a base map for the entire existing facility. This allowed the development of a site grading plan to minimize excavation of the hard slag fill upgrade and sheet flow on the new pavement, reducing the necessary new drainage infrastructure.

Buried underground utilities proved to be challenging as some were not well located based on the existing mapping. Benesch retained an underground inspector in order to alleviate this unexpected challenge and proceed with site plans for relocation of the utilities (including water, sanitary sewer and compressed air).

Additional designs and plans were prepared for: removal and disposal of elements that were not to remain in the final work; site grading and erosion control; typical pavement and track cross sections; gate facility; track plans for intermodal processing and support yard expansion; and pavement striping, barrier and fencing.

Project highlights

  • Plans for construction staging
  • Maintenance of service during construction for: adequate gate inspection lanes; adequate parking spots; adequate roadways for facility operations; ample track spots to allow for continuing train operations