Miller Field

Construction of Aircraft T-Hangar / Construction of Taxilanes & Displaced Runway 14 Threshold

Valentine, NE

This project was first designed as one larger combined project with the taxilane pavement work, the permanent runway threshold relocation work, and the hangar work as one large project. After issues with being able to obtain multiple bids on the project, the project was split into a “paving/lighting” project and a “hangar” project. When the project was re-bid as two separate components, more bids were received.

As part of the first paving/lighting project, a new mainline taxilane (to service all the existing hangars and the proposed hangar) was constructed. Additionally as part of that same project, the Runway 14 landing threshold was permanently relocated to mitigate an existing building RPZ obstruction. The threshold relocation required adjustments to the existing edge lighting system, remarking of the entire runway, relocation of the existing PAPI-2L system, and official publication of new declared distances for the airport on Runway 14/32.

The second “hangar” project completed, included the construction of a new 6-place nested T-Hangar with new partial concrete pavement approaches. The new hangar was constructed with 42 feet wide by 12 feet high clear bi-fold aircraft doors and full interior concrete floors. The building shell was fully insulated to meet the requirements for insulated “cold” storage. The new hangar was constructed by the City in order to try to keep up with the demand for hangar space at the Miller Field.

Project highlights

  • New mainline taxilane
  • Runway relocation
  • Runway marking and relocation of existing PAPI-2L system