Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

DWSD Electrical Energy Audit

Detroit, MI

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department’s (DWSD) Energy Management Plan needed to identify energy-savings which would also be cost effective. Benesch performed energy audits to determine energy usage and costs for DWSD at their five water treatment plants, 21 booster stations, 11 wastewater pumping stations and wastewater treatment plant. The team investigated peak load reduction, planned for energy efficient combinations of pumping units and developed an understanding of pump use relative to electric rates. The team performed the following tasks: generator use evaluation for peak shaving to reduce utility demand charges; review of electrical equipment replacement assessment guidelines based on energy cost savings, return on investment and payback period;¬†appraisal of energy conservation measures conducted at two water treatment plants and nine facilities; and development of standard specifications to incorporate energy efficient equipment. These evaluations enabled¬†Benesch to target areas in which the DWSD could implement cost-conscious, energy saving measures.

Project highlights

  • Energy audits at water treatment plans, booster stations, pumping stations
  • Evaluation to identify energy-saving areas to reduce costs