Tennessee Department of Transportation

I-240 CMGC

Memphis, TN

TDOT selected Benesch as the designer for development of the roadway and structural plans for the I-240 CM/GC (Construction Manager/General Contractor approach project in Memphis, Tennessee. Prior to being selected to lead this contract, Benesch worked with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to complete a technical study for the I-240 CMGC project to define the scope of the project, anticipated durations, probable costs, anticipated project limits (ROW/NEPA) and determine the viability of utilizing the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) approach.

The technical study reviewed numerous bridge replacement and rehabilitation alternatives for these locations. These alternatives encompass many different approaches, ranging from conventional construction techniques to advanced Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods. For each of the various alternatives, Benesch explored construction durations, impacts to traffic, and costs. It was also decided later in the technical study that the Park Avenue structure should undergo rehabilitation to stabilize its substructure foundations.

The CM/GC project involves replacement of four bridges over I-240 and completion of a new ramp and widening of I-240. Benesch worked closely with TDOT and the selected Construction Manager (CM) to develop the design plans for the project. One of the main goals for the project is to rapidly replace the bridges utilizing Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques so that impacts to the high traffic volumes in the area and Norfolk Southern can be minimized.

Project highlights

  • Structure replacement
  • Substructure foundation rehabilitation
  • Vertical and horizontal clearance improvements
  • Accelerated Bridge Construciton (ABC) techniques