City of Inkster

Inkster Water Services Program

Inkster, MI

The City of Inkster needed to prioritize┬ácapital investments for its aging water system infrastructure. To assess the infrastructure, a leak survey and comprehensive water services program were implemented. This program includes the development and implementation of an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMR), an update to the leak detection and water audit, a GIS database for their water system and development of a hydraulic model of the water system. The leak survey pinpointed leaks and assessed the size and water loss attributed to the leaks that were repaired across the 106 miles of water mains in the City. As part of the survey, Benesch also identified map corrections on Inkster’s section maps and completed weekly reports for the City. The hydraulic water model was developed through the use of the new GIS database that established the water system geometry. This provided the City with data needed for its capital investment prioritization.

Project highlights

  • Assess water infrastructure
  • Develop and implement Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMR)
  • Develop hydraulic water model with GIS database