Nebraska Department of Roads

Lincoln South Beltway

Lincoln, NE

Since 1995, Benesch, the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County and the Nebraska Department of Roads have studied the possibility of constructing a beltway around the south and east sides of the City of Lincoln. Benesch completed the original Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and design services for an eight-mile connection from U.S. Highway 77 to 134th Street. As a re-design was being considered, funding for the project became uncertain and the project was put on hold in 2009 and ultimately closed in 2010.

With the passage of The Build Nebraska Act, new funds became available for the design and ultimate construction of the South Beltway. In May of 2012, The Nebraska Department of Roads selected the Benesch team to provide updates to environmental and preliminary engineering documents.

Our team is providing roadway design, public involvement and an Environmental Assessment to supplement the EIS. Other services include traffic, hydraulics and hydrology, geotechnical engineering and survey. All phases of the South Beltway project include extensive coordination and collaboration with the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska Department of Roads, Federal Highway Administration, US Army Corps of Engineers and multiple resource agencies.

Project highlights

  • One of the City of Lincoln’s largest improvement projects
  • Improved commuter connectivity
  • Significant public imvolvement effort