Atlantic Aviation

Ramp Reconstruction

Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake City, UT

Benesch and the contractor (Granite Construction), first visited the site with Atlantic Aviation to discuss the potential fast tracked project on Thursday, September 17, 2015. Atlantic Aviation informed Benesch and Granite that the project needed to be constructed in the 2015 construction season and that Salt Lake City sees inclement winter weather starting in mid-November. Following the meeting, Benesch quickly mobilized its own Lincoln (NE) based survey and geotech crews the following week and completed the field design topo survey and subsurface geotech investigation. Following the survey/geotech work, the design was then fast-tracked by Benesch and was sent to the Salt Lake City International Airport Department of Airports (SLCDA) two weeks later. Because of the quality of plans/specifications and the detailed CSPP document, the airport approved the design the next week and bidding unit prices with Granite were finalized in late October 2015. Construction began the last week in October and was finished on December 20, 2015. Throughout the project, Benesch had to closely monitor the Contractor and the quality of the pavement materials due to constructing the pavements in late fall and winter.

The approximately 26,000 square yard ramp reconstruction included the removal of the old asphalt pavement, removal/salvaging of existing granular base, earthwork (to adjust ramp grades for drainage), storm sewer improvements, installation of subdrains, construction of new 7″ to 11″ granular bases (with reutilized existing base and new imported base), construction of new 7″ to 8″ thick P-401 asphalt ramp pavement, and temporary/permanent markings.

Project highlights

  • Fast track design and construction; Mobilization of in-house services