Millard Airport

Runway 12/30 Overlay

Millard, NE

From the findings of the preliminary design, which included a runway roughness evaluation, on Runway 12/30 the Omaha Airport Authority identified a need to complete a rehabilitation project to improve the smoothness of the runway. Benesch designed a nominal 3-inch mill and overlay on the existing concrete runway. Based on the options presented by Benesch, the OAA and FAA selected to complete an asphalt mill and overlay due to funding and construction downtime restrictions. The Millard Airport is the busiest G.A. airport in the state of Nebraska and with only one runway, the airport had to be closed to air traffic when the runway was under construction. Benesch worked closely with the OAA to formulate an aggressive time allowance in which contractors could complete the construction work and in turn limit the airport downtime. Coordination with several on-airport businesses had to be completed, since the shutdown of the airport impacted their operations as well.

The Runway 12/30 Overlay project consists of a 3-inch mill and overlay of the existing pavement. Prior to the overlay, the existing concrete pavement was profile milled to begin to correct smoothness, roughen the surface, and remove the existing joint sealant materials. Some isolated concrete panels were removed and replaced with new ‘high-early’ concrete in order to expedite the downtime of the runway for construction.
A new edge drain/subdrain system was designed and installed along both outer longitudinal edges of Runway 12/30 to help drain the under sand base course. Temporary and permanent marking was also completed after the new asphalt overlay was constructed.

Project highlights

  • Coordination with several on-airport businesses
  • Formulated an aggressive time allowance to limit airport downtime