Lincoln Airport

Runway 18/36 Rehabilitation

Lincoln, NE

Following a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) study by Benesch on Runway 18/36, the Lincoln Airport Authority identified a need to begin a project to rehabilitate the outer edges of Runway 18/36 which are asphalt. Following the PCI study, Benesch completed a preliminary design phase which further assessed the existing pavement conditions with geotechnical subsurface investigations and pavement designs. From the study findings and through close coordination with the FAA central region, it was determined an asphalt rehabilitation on the outer asphalt edges of the runway, along with random concrete repairs in the center 100’ wide keel section, was the preferred alternative. The project involved close coordination with the Lincoln Airport Authority, the Nebraska National Guard, Lincoln Waster Water Systems, and Lincoln Electric Systems. The runway is the airport’s only Instrument-Landing-System (ILS) runway, so the shutdown and re-opening date were very critical to the operations at the Lincoln Airport. In order to take advantage of the runway shutdown, the Lincoln Waste Water Systems and Lincoln Electric System (LES) completed major work, as part of separate projects, around and under the closed runway.

The Runway 18/36 Rehabilitation project consisted of a 9-inch mill and overlay of the existing pavement directly adjacent to the center concrete keel pavement (from 50 to 62.5 feet left/right of centerline). Beyond the 9-inch mill and overlay, the remaining asphalt pavement areas of the runway (from 62.5 to 100 feet left/right of centerline) received a 4-inch mill and overlay. After milling operations, asphalt pavement repairs were completed prior to constructing the new asphalt overlays. For the center concrete areas (‘keel’) of the runway, new 15” thick isolated panel replacements, partial-depth patches, and joint and crack resealing were completed as well.

Project highlights

  • Coordination with multiple agencies