City of Lincoln, NE

South Coddington & West Van Dorn Safety Project

Lincoln, NE

This location has experienced numerous right angle crashes and was identified as a priority, high crash location in the City of Lincoln for several years. As part of this safety project, an alternative analysis study was completed to identify the best geometric or traffic control measure that will improve overall safety at the intersection. The alternative Benesch recommended to improve safety is a single lane roundabout. This alternative will reduce the number of conflict points at the intersection and eliminates severe, right angle crashes. As part of the design, existing asphalt will be removed and replaced with concrete pavement that will tie into recent Coddington Avenue improvements located north of Van Dorn. Access to adjacent businesses and residences will be maintained at all times.

As part of this project, a new sidewalk is proposed on all four quadrants of the intersection. Additionally, existing stormwater facilities will be removed and reconstructed to maintain proper drainage.

Benesch provided roadway, traffic, roundabout and drainage design, NEPA environmental services, public involvement, and geotechnical investigation. Unique considerations exist in regards to construction phasing, utility coordination, access to nearby businesses and maintaining connections to Pioneers Park and Golf Course.

Project highlights

  • NEPA environmental services
  • Coordination with local businesses and park facilities
  • Proposed sinal land roundabout