Kane County Division of Transportation

Stearns Road – Stage 3, Stormwater Initiatives

Kane County, IL

The five-mile Stearns Road corridor in Kane County is a true testament to the use of Best Management Practices that provide long-term environmental benefits. As part of this massive, multi-year project, the Benesch team completed a hydraulic modeling and location drainage study for the entire corridor. Extensive stormwater quality initiatives were also undertaken. Major project elements included the installation of 10,000 LF of storm sewer; three detention ponds; extensive roadway ditches; dust control watering and silt fencing; temporary pumping basins; sealed storm sewers; and RECP barrier to protect local wetlands in addition to the creation of wetlands in the detention basins.

Project highlights

  • 10,000 LF of new storm sewer
  • Three new detention ponds
  • Extensive roadway ditches and silt fencing
  • Creation of wetlands in the detention basins
  • Temporary pumping basins
  • Waterway diversion to protect nearby Brewster Creek
  • PondPak models for 10 interconnected ponds