Michigan Department of Transportation


Holland, MI

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) needed to rehabilitate and improve the heavily traveled US Route 31 corridor in Holland, Michigan. The agency was concerned about traffic delays during construction and also required assistance in developing the final traffic signal timing, phasing and coordination plans to be programmed into the new controllers.

As part of the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the project, Benesch analyzed various different staging scenarios for both delays and queues utilizing Synchro/SimTraffic and then provided recommendations to MDOT to allow for reasonable construction work zone sizes while minimizing traffic impacts. The recommended staging plans were utilized in development of the final maintenance of traffic and engineering plans. Benesch also developed the detailed individual traffic signal controller timing settings for both under construction and final conditions. Twelve different timing sheets (permits) were developed.

Project highlights

  • High volume 3.9-mile corridor with five signalized intersections including advance cross-over signals (Michigan left-turns)
  • Analyzed different traffic configuration scenarios to minimize construction delays and damaging queues using Synchro/SimTraffic
  • Completed Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Report Developed “”after improvement”” traffic signal phasing and timing plans including coordination plans for morning, evening and off peak periods
  • Required experience and expertise in traffic signal controller operations and programming in order to complete traffic timing sheets for controller programming