Hundreds of interstate miles have been designed by Benesch engineers. We routinely work with state Departments of Transportation and their FHWA counterparts to rehabilitate, modify or create new roadways that effectively connect people and places. Our road and highway projects traverse farm lands, urban cities and everything in between.


We provide much more than geometric solutions, however. You can consider Benesch a one-stop shop for all of your civil infrastructure needs. Within our civil division, we have staff experts in areas such as MOT, drainage, traffic engineering, electrical engineering, surveying and geotechnical.


Quality is our top priority. We deliver plans that are quality-checked for constructability, enabling clients to use a low-bid system to their advantage. In addition, we go the extra mile to ensure minimal change orders and field issues during construction.

Our areas of expertise include:

-        Highway and Toll Roads

-        Interchanges

-        Utility Coordination

-        Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

-        Drainage

-        Maintenance of Traffic

-        Agency Coordination and Permitting

-        Surveying

-        Transportation Project Plats

-        Specification Development

-        Construction Plans and Estimates 

-        Geotechnical Services