Site Development

Site Development involves the design and arrangement of buildings, parking, vehicular/pedestrian circulation, landscape and site amenities on the land. The site designer typically creates a site plan to identify where these elements best fit onto the site and how these elements relate to each other. Once the site plan has been determined, final engineering design is completed.


The development of the site plan is a blend of science and art. The skillful arrangement of land and built environment is critical to the success of any project. Placement of buildings and parking, topographic arrangement of these elements, and the design of utilities/infrastructure to serve the program elements can have a significant impact on construction cost and long term functionality of the project.


At Benesch, our team of engineers and landscape architects work together to ensure our client’s projects are both functional and beautiful. We achieve this goal by applying sound principles of site design with our extensive knowledge of engineering and construction on every project.


Our areas of expertise include:

Site Feasibility Studies

Site Analysis

Land Planning

Parking Assessments

Site Planning


Project types include:

Residential Development

Commercial Development

Healthcare Facilities

Educational Facilities (K12 and Higher Education)

Sports and Athletic Facilities

Parks and Greenways

Faith Based Facilities

Industrial Development