Value Engineering

Value Engineering isn’t just a method – it’s a mindset. It’s the difference between doing a project right – and doing the right project. That simple, yet powerful, shift in focus is what fuels innovation - and produces the most practical, sustainable solutions possible. At Benesch, our experts specialize in using Value Engineering techniques to pinpoint project opportunities that create immediate and long-term benefits.


Benesch brings you more than three decades of VE knowledge and training – put into practice. Our staff includes three Certified Value Specialists (CVS), 14 Associate Value Specialists (AVS) and more than 100 engineers trained in SAVE Modules I & II. In fact, Benesch was the first consulting engineering firm to receive the SAVE International Excellence in Value Engineering Award in 1989. We have also authored two ASTM standards and published two books centered on value methodology. 


Value Engineering is an essential design discipline that identifies what a project provides, and what it actually needs – and no firm has mastered this better than Benesch.