Nebraska Department of Roads

Heartland Expressway

Western Nebraska

The Heartland Expressway is the middle segment of the overall Port to Plain Alliance Corridor that extends from Mexico to Canada. Heartland Expressway extends from I-70 in Colorado to I-90 in South Dakota.

Benesch is the lead consultant on the overall Corridor Development and Management Plan (CDMP) for the portion of the Heartland Expressway located within Nebraska. The CDMP is to evaluate the existing highway network from Colorado to South Dakota with an extension into Wyoming. The highways included with the study area include US Highway 26, Nebraska Highway 71 and Nebraska Highway 385.

The CDMP evaluates capacity of the existing corridor and provides analysis that includes developing traffic projections from a four-state region. Projections will take into account growth along the corridor and will aid in the identification of a facility to best serve the region. In addition to the corridor analysis, the study includes a high level environmental review, safety analysis, and economic analysis that includes a finance plan. An economic workshop was held with regional business leaders involved in the movement of goods in western Nebraska.

Project highlights

  • Lead consultant for the Nebraska portion of the expressway
  • Expressway connecting Mexico to Canada