Pennsylvania Department of General Services

Selinsgrove Center Water Tower

Selinsgrove, PA

The Selinsgrove Center is a Pennsylvania state-owned intermediate care facility on 254 acres of land consisting of 19 different living areas. Benesch was tasked with rehabilitating four of their aging and deteriorated water tanks which maintain 1.0 million gallons of water servicing 210 residents, 800+ employees, adjacent residents and businesses. Therefore, maintaining the water supply during construction was critical.

This project was assigned on the heels of a new water filtration plant and distribution system improvement project that Benesch was designing at the Center. Once both projects are complete, these additions will allow Selinsgrove Center to become current with the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements.

Benesch managed and coordinated all aspects of the tanks’ repairs including sandblasting and repainting of the interiors, pressure washing and repainting the exteriors, installation of passive cathodic protection, replacement of the roof manways, roof vents and ground level manways. Benesch also oversaw the capping of the concrete foundations, removal of rolling roof ladders and replacement with fixed ladders, seam sealing of the wall/roof joint, installation of new overflow weir boxes and overflow valving, along with the installation of ladder safety climbing device. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) upgrades were designed for the tank levels to operate with the new treatment system. Benesch obtained a Major Amendment to the Public Water Supply Permit from PA DEP for all work related to the tank and obtained a permit from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for new obstruction lights.

During construction, weld inspections revealed massive weld failures of the original tank floors. Further examination showed an abundance of deflection in the steel comprising the floors. It was determined that the existing steel floors were so deteriorated in Tank A & D that they needed to be replaced. Benesch worked with the contractor to design a suitable replacement. Bracing of the tanks during the replacement of the floors was critical. Rehabilitation of the tanks also includes the installation of a passive mixing system to keep the water fresh and to reduce ice buildup within the winter months. Improvement efforts to the tanks will extend their life for at least another fifty years, apart from maintaining the painted exterior every ten years.

This project was the first PA DGS to utilize their new project software system, e-Builder from Trimble. All project documentation and submittals from design development through construction were completed through the new web-based software system. Benesch played a critical role in assisting DGS by live-testing e-Builder processes, forms and modules prior to its release for public use.

Project highlights

  • Sandblasting and repainting of the interior of the tanks
  • Pressure washing and repainting the exterior of the tanks
  • Replacement of the roof vents
  • Installation of passive cathodic protection
  • Replacement of the roof manways
  • Replacement of the ground level manways
  • Capping of the concrete foundations
  • Removal of rolling roof ladders and replacement with fixed ladders
  • Seam sealing of the wall/roof joint
  • Installation of new overflow weir boxes and installation of overflow valving
  • Installation of ladder safety climbing device