City of Lincoln

Sheridan Boulevard Penny Bridges

Lincoln, NE

Benesch was selected to lead the replacement of the structurally deficient Sheridan Boulevard Penny Bridges. These bridges are located along a historic boulevard within a neighborhood that is on the National Register of Historic Places. To provide the neighborhood with context sensitive solutions, Benesch and the City formed an Advisory Committee to work alongside the design team. Through a structured Value Planning process, the committee defined users, owners and stakeholders that will be affected by this project. They identified constraints, needs and desires of project stakeholders. This step incorporated comments heard at public meetings, information gathered through an online survey, project website, comment forms gathered at the meeting and input from Advisory Committee members.

With the help of the design team, functions for the bridges were also identified. Based on input from the public, Advisory Committee recommendations and results of Benesch’s Value Engineering process, the design team was able to move the project from concepts through to final design within 12 months.

Project highlights

  • Bridge replacement within a historic district
  • Involved public involvement process
  • Value Engineering process